it is one of the best self-published novels I've read. I couldn't quit saying, "WOW," and "Oh my goodness" 

The Mother of All Viruses

The Mother of All Viruses by John Kovacich

An ex-hacker, a sexy college professor, stolen top secret hardware, a cover-up, a kidnapping, a government conspiracy, hacked defense computers, FBI, CIA, NSA, Armageddon.

In an effort to enhance a computer's ability to model quantum mechanics for his professor, a young brilliant programmer designs the system to allow other computers to voluntarily join the project, but when someone tries hacking into the computer and the system starts reporting thousands too many processors, he knows something is wrong.

I forgot how much I enjoyed science fiction! After browsing the first page I was enthralled and couldn't put the book down.



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The Lost Art of Magic

A sixteen year old girl accidentally discovers the power of magic which has been lost for centuries. By doing so, she makes herself the target of mercenaries who want the magic for themselves, but failing that, would kill her to keep it lost.

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