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John Kovacich, born in Oakland, Ca, started out playing music at age two, and moved on to singing and acting in grade school. High School introduced writing and film making which were followed by drawing and photography in college. In other words, he had a VERY LIBERAL arts education.

John published some poetry and some india ink drawings in literary magazines while in college, won critical acclaim for his acting in a cabaret theater, but was faced with a decision to pick out the arts he wanted to pursue.  Of all the available opportunities, music and song writing won the first round when he found himself performing with legendary stars of the sixties and seventies.

Round two began years later, after leaving California for Arizona. It all started with a blank piece of paper and the question, "how can I possibly write more than eleven thousand words for a single story?" A valid question which was followed up a year later with, "How did I ever write 160,000 words?"

Now, the writing comes much easier, but still there are questions like, "How will I ever get all these ideas written down?" followed closely by, "How many times can I edit the same book?"

John currently lives in Colorado with his bird Tweety.

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