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The Lost Art of Magic by John Kovacich
The Lost Art of Magic
ISBN-13: 978-1479211364

A sixteen year old girl accidentally discovers the power of magic, a power which has been lost for centuries.

By doing so, she makes herself the target of mercenaries who want the magic for themselves, but failing that, hunt her down intent on killing her to keep it lost.
"The author keeps you on edge; needing to know what comes next. I highly recommend this book." - 5 stars Amazon
"I really loved the premise of this story, it had everything I look for in a great book.....My only complaint would have to be that I wanted to know more and didn't want the story to end." - 5 stars Amazon
"A fast paced book which you can easily loose yourself in, with a romantic turn at the end." - 5 stars Amazon
The Lost Art of Magic by John Kovacich
The Untold Prophecy
(The Lost Art of Magic #2)
ISBN-13: 978-1502994257

After the first prophecy has been fulfilled, magic finds its way into the hands of a most vile and unscrupulous young girl. In her hands, the power grows and without the discipline needed to control it, her lust for more power grows with it. She unleashes her rage upon the world and thus begins the second, untold prophecy. 

"This, the third volume of the series, takes the reader deeper into a developing conflict between good and evil. Unfortunately, when evil is armed with magic, all hell can break loose and the world needs a hero to survive." - 5 stars Amazon
the old child title small 2.jpg
The Old Child
(The Lost Art of Magic #3)
ISBN-13: 978-1703608847

The sorcerer clan failed to claim the power they coveted, but it left the witch clan without their leader. Who will step up to lead the family?   The witch clan must do something to prevent the sorcerers from claiming the world, but must they do it without the strongest of them?

orb of destiny cover.jpg
The Orb of Destiny
(The Lost Art of Magic #4)
ISBN-13: 979-8644703135

While the sorcerer clan grows in strength and size, their deranged leader grows bolder and sets out on a quest of death and destruction. The witches only recourse is to revive Destiny, but that means convincing her to return.

The Mother of All Viruses by John Kovacich
The Beat of a Different Drummer by John Kovacich

The Mother of All Viruses

ISBN-13: 978-1479246458

An ex-hacker, a sexy college professor, stolen top secret hardware, a cover-up, a kidnapping, a government conspiracy, hacked defense computers, FBI, CIA, NSA, Armageddon.

"It's my favorite kind of book. I simply couldn't put it down. I loved it."
- 5 stars Amazon
"I couldn't put it down! Everything that fascinates me was in the book."
- 5 stars goodreads
"Loved this book! This new and upcoming author is on his way to being a great story teller. Lots of twists and turns. Lots of wrong leads and dead ends when you think you have it figured out, you don't! Bravo! Write another one." - 5 stars Amazon
"I really got tangled up in this book. It grabbed by mind and my attention, and I was thoroughly surprised by the ending. A book that can keep me guessing is always great, and “The Mother Of All Viruses” does that, all the way to the end." - 5 stars Amazon
"Firstly; I am not a computer geek or even very savvy and I definitely am not a scientist. This book is kind of about both, and was absolutely engaging. I kept wanting to read the end of the book to find out how it worked out; but I didn't. Thank goodness, because it was a complete surprise to me. I highly recommend this book to mystery lovers, just be prepared to read into the early hours of the morning." - 5 stars Amazon
"If you can relate to a computer programmer, statistics and the prediction of random quantum events, this is for you! ... This is a keeper, for sure!!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" - 5 stars Amazon
"The Mother of All Viruses is my type of book. Computer intelligence (not even just AI), viruses, hacking, social engineering, Russian and American agents, and all out pandemonium! Your head will be spinning by the time you get through it and find out exactly what is going on and how all the pieces fit together." - 4 stars Amazon
"I forgot how much I enjoyed science fiction! After browsing the first page I was enthralled and couldn't put the book down." - 5 stars Amazon
The Beat of a
Different Drummer
ASIN: B00AX8D312​
Blister Proof topped the charts in their  heyday.  Now, after twenty years, their album is barely remembered and they struggle just to be noticed.​

When their drummer turns up missing, and their much hated manager already has drummers lined up to replace him, they have only a police investigation to tell them what their future holds in store for them.
"The author shares his inside knowledge of music and small bands in a way that captures the reader. The mystery keeps you guessing until the end. Great descriptions, engaging characters all make this a very entertaining read. I highly recommend this book."
- 5 stars Amazon
"Very interesting. I had a little trouble at first keeping track of the characters but the ending made up for all."
- 5 stars Amazon

"A mystery about musicians, by a musician."

by John Kovacich
The Valley of Hope

ASIN: Various (see more)​

This is a serialized novel delivered as separate short stories every four to six weeks.  It follows a band of people who lost their village in a flood.  Life can be harsh around 10,000 BC, and their journey to find a new home turns into a discovery of their roots and the home of their ancestors, but the threat that sent their ancestors away still stalks the ancient homeland.
"The author really brings you into the past and makes you feel the story.... A fantastic story brought to life. I read the first one and quickly bought the next two and can't wait for the next installments."
- 5 stars Amazon
"Most interesting read so far.. On to read part two...
 Highly recommended."  
- 5 stars Amazon
"This is an exceptional series, very well written and entertaining. The story takes you back in time when clans of people still lived in huts and caves. This clan lived very close to a river and after a flood took nearly everything, they had to travel to find the home of their ancestors. The story tells of their adventures and hardships along the way." - 5 stars Amazon
The Diva of Mud Flats front cover.JPG
The Diva of Mud Flats

ASIN: 978-1947794160​

Francesca was the star of the Royal Opera. She need only snap her fingers and anything she wanted would be provided for her. She didn't have friends, nor did she need them. She only needed people to keep her surrounded in the finest things. Life was good, until her singing tour was interrupted and she found herself stranded in a dusty dude ranch with no money and no access to her bank accounts. Without cash to spend, her usually reliable people were unable to take care of her. Night was coming and their bellies were empty.  Finding food and shelter should have been their greatest concern, but things got much worse.

The Diva of Mud Flats is a wild romp where a pretentious aristocrat will learn who her true friends are, if she has any, because if she doesn't, there will be nobody to rescue her..
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