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This is an exceptional series, very well written and entertaining.

The Valley of Hope - a serialized saga

Volume 1 - The Calling of the Grull

This series is a serial with a new chapter released every month.  It is proving very popular with kindle owners who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.
#1 The Sacred Soil


The first installment of The Valley of Hope follows the heroic actions of the tribes leaders to save the tribe from the drowning village.  They wander up into the mountains looking for a new place to call home and come to a strange place with something they have never seen.
#2 The Giant Goat


The tribe has fled the flood that destroyed the village. The survivors now find themselves in a strange land midway up the mountains where the land is covered in snow, something for which they have no word. They have no tools, weapons, food, or medicine and must start over.

Two expeditions are sent out while the tribe gathers its strength. One climbs the mountain peak to scout the surrounding valleys while the other searches for meat to feed the tribe.

Both teams make an extraordinary discovery, but only one returns with the news.
#3 A New Threat


The chief's son is missing.  The tribe is in new territory and are about to come face to face with some of the most dangerous predators on the planet.
#4 Life and Death


The chief's son has been mauled.  The tribe has no response to the brutal attacks by two different sets of predators.  Life on the road to the home of their ancestors is fraught with danger.  The flood decimated the tribe and now, before they can move on, they must deal with death again.
They must also learn to deal with the same politics we still struggle with today, from a father trying to balance family and duty to the breaking down of sexual stereotypes.   
#5 What Was Left Behind

ASIN: B00FO0x70G

After two devastating attacks which left one of the elders dead and three young hunters with serious injuries, Varna secretly left the tribe while they slept. The tribal chieftain believes her disgrace and her self-imposed exile are unwarranted and sends his best tracker to find her before she does something rash.

This splits the tribe into three groups, the girl and the tracker, the medicine woman with the three injured men, and the chieftain who must leave them behind to lead the tribe onward in search of their ancestral home. 
#6 The Beast That Follows


The tribe must climb out of the canyon they are in to continue their journey, but they must pass through a dark cave like crevice, and they are not alone in that place.

While the tribe faces the inhabitants of the cave, two members of its members travel back to the old home to search for the last remaining hunters bow from the old times, but something is there ahead of them and it follows them when they return back to the tribe.
#7 The Coming Dawn


Varna and Zho must defend themselves against a two headed demon that followed them from the old village. Mora is unable to help Marl and Joog who fall gravely ill from their wounds. Kendo questions his visions as the tribe encounters one obstacle after another on their journey to the ancient homes of their ancestors.
#8 What Lies Ahead


Kendo leads his people to the border of the sacred lands of their ancestors. Varna and Zho bring some surprises when they rejoin the injured members who had to remain behind, but two of them are already on death's door.
#9 What Lies Beyond


Kendo leads the tribe to their ancestral home, but when they get there, they may not be alone. Meanwhile, the newcomer Trik is taken prisoner when his true nature is exposed, but he escapes and takes Varna hostage while the rest of the party mourns the eminent loss of Joog as he slips beyond this life.
#10 The Hunt


Trik has already taken Varna hostage. He leaves her to die in a manner that will slow down his pursuers and allow him time to make his escape. He plans his return to the people of his birth as a tribal chieftain by wearing the emblem he stole off the dying Joog. Zho and Foln follow his tracks and are Varna's only hope. Meanwhile, the tribe is still facing the beast that bellows from the mountain and apparently breathes fire. Kendo takes Brack and Flom to track down the beast and think they find an explanation, but end up with more than they bargained for.
#11 Abducted


Nothing is going right for the homeless tribe.  Kendo was captured by unknown hostiles while investigating the demonic sounds and smoke. Koro investigates Kendo's disappearance while Wull takes the tribe to safety.  Foln and Zho run into a war party while taking Varna's body back to the cave.
#12 Gathering Force


The fate of the tribe lies in the hands of a few free tribesmen and a band of warriors from another clan who may or may not be willing to put their own lives on the line to save them.
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