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This is an exceptional series, very well written and entertaining.

The Valley of Hope - a serialized saga

Volume 3 - The Gathering

This series is a serial with a new chapter released every month.  It is proving very popular with kindle owners who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.
#27 - The Passage
ASIN: B0133F9FP4

The necromancer, Heg, has risen from the underworld to raise an army of the dead, but his aspirations aren't on the world of the living; he wants to conquer the afterlife.  Never before has so much been at stake.  It falls to the heroes of the twelve tribes to stop him and save eternity.

The Passage is the first chapter in Volume Three of The Valley of Hope
#28 - Beached

The tribesman who could not march to the ancient city due to their age or health, escaped attack by stepping into the mage's portal which deposited them deep below the surface of a great ocean. They must reach the surface and find a shore to survive, but it is not without its obstacles, and even if they reach shore, they will find themselves in a strange new world; a world where they do not belong.
#29 - The Blue Flame
ASIN: B01619W2ZY

Varna returns to the cave by the meadow to be with her son, but he and the Grull who remained behind are not there. All that is left in the cave are three of the walking dead and a strange blue flame in the fire pit. 

The missing Grull have been transported to the afterlife, but they are not yet dead and they don't belong there, and worst of all, they are not alone.
#30 - The Wrath of the Ancestors 

The time has come for the inevitable clash between the ancients of the after-world and the living intruders who crossed the veal through a portal that never should have existed.
#31 - Detained 

Captured by the Ancestors, the tribes must work together to mount an escape and save their people, if it is not too late.
#32 - Intruders, Intruders, Intruders 

The ancients of the Great Beyond thought they were secure when their soldiers had taken the living intruders into custody. They held no malice for the living, but the afterlife was no place for living souls. They would soon learn, however, that their borders were not secure and they had new intruders from the underworld on their shores, which meant that demons could follow, and there was a new unknown threat that had reached the center of their civilization.
#33 - Friend or Foe
Brinn finds his brother, but sees the awful possibility that it may be too late to save him. The leader of the ancestral army learns that the intruders in the great beyond may be the start of an invasion. He must find allies among the living, but first he must find the living among the walking dead. The living who have been captured in the great beyond learn something that makes them question their memories and their senses.
#34 - A New Ally
Conflicts brew between the living and the spirits of the afterlife while denizens of the underworld continue to invade the great beyond. Danger rises in the high country when the underworlders invade the territory of the non-believers in search of a powerful mage, but the non-believers do not see the spirits and ghouls; they do, however, see the army of the living who come to protect them from the thralls.
#35 - Crossing Barriers
Foln remains conflicted as he faces down an opponent that he has been ordered to capture or kill. They are surrounded by two armies and a community of innocent people all caught in a bizarre battle.
The mages, with the help of a rogue ancient, find something unexpected on their way to the holding area where their friends are being detained, but the entrance they need to open proves more resilient to their magic than they had expected.
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