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This is an exceptional series, very well written and entertaining.

The Valley of Hope - a serialized saga

Volume 2 - The Hammer and the Chain

This series is a serial with a new chapter released every month.  It is proving very popular with kindle owners who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.
#13 - The Hammer

War is brewing for the Pallerax. Their most hated enemy, the Bolerons are up to their heinous acts again, taking weaker tribes into slavery, but the Pallerax have internal problems to contend with. Their king is missing. The prince was swept away during the floods and the king went after him, but he didn't go alone. A notorious servant went in to save the child, but he wasn't universally trusted. Some fear the worst for their king, but the king's brother remains steadfast and has faith in the king's return. 

Meanwhile, the king had found his child with the long lost Grull people, but while his son is safe, most of the Grull have been captured by another notorious people who plan to sell them to the Bolerons. The king, like all the Pallerax, hates slavery more than any other crime and vows to help the Grull.
#14 - The Devil's Scouts

Foln's brother Brinn manages the kingdom in his absence. Foln has vowed to help the Grull and Skaal was sent as insurance that word reaches Brinn of Foln's new commitment, but Skaal learns that the Boleron scouts have discovered Foln's whereabouts, and this would be dire news for the Pallerax clan if they ever reach home with the news. 

Brinn must deal with the Bolerons on several fronts as well as internal matters, but what he wants most is his brother's safe return.
#15 - The Chain

The Bolerons are up to something. Word reaches the Pallerax who send troops to stop the invasion, but the Pallerax king is still missing and the Pallerax troops are spread a bit thin. He has sent word of his whereabouts to his brother, but it was intercepted by Boleron spies. The Griftons are still holding Grull slaves to sell, but the Boleron purchase agents are missing and winter is coming.
#16 - Bread Crumbs
ASIN: B00N70R224

Enemy Grifton scouts have been sent to determine why their Boleron allies have not come to accept delivery of the new slaves. These scouts interrupt a shaman's final passage from this life to the next, and put her immortal soul in jeopardy. A chase ensues to find these scouts, while at the same time, a scout from the Pallerax homeland is coming to find Bool and his missing rescue party. 

Amidst all this, Varna's unborn child is in trouble.
#17 - Escape
ASIN: B00O24JX30
The Griftons try to escape with Mora's spirit, but Bool is on their trail to stop them before they reach the Bolerons. Varna's baby tries to escape the womb a month early. The Hoagarth have barely escaped capture by the Bolerons. 

Sen must learn the Bolerons' true motives before it is too late. 
#18 - Setbacks
Bool must recover Mora's arm or she may face an eternity of slavery to an enemy shaman, but first, he must survive an attack from four young Bolerons.  Varna's baby is breech and there is nobody with experience in delivering a breech baby.  Brinn must stem the attacks of the Bolerons as they invade more and more territories.  Raz must reach the Pallerax capitol to deliver the news of Foln and the Grull.  Sen must reach the Tollocite university before the Bolerons do.
#19 - Deception
Mora tries to trick the Bolerons into saving Bool, for now at least. The Doal trick Sen's fighting forces until Sen can no longer trust his senses. Bool questions his own wits after his brain was baked by the sun, but confusion has begun to cloud all the major players. Even the clearer heads of Foln and Brinn have to question their own decisions.
#20 - The Messenger
After receiving a tip from his chief inspector, the Boleron chief sends a messenger to the Griftons to determine why one of them was found in the uncrossable desert. The messenger's route is paved with obstacles, including bands of hostile soldiers. 
#21 - The Plan
Koro suggests a plan to ambush the Griftons and rescue the captive Grull. The Grundins suggest a plan to return the Hoagarth to their home, but they don't know if the Hoagarth are still willing to return. The Menocites reveal that the ancients may have had a plan to bring the tribes together. The Bolerons have already discovered clues to that plan and want it to be their own. Bool is in dire need of a plan to rescue him from the Boleron's clutches.
#22 - Learning to See
Tensions rise for the tribe when Jayce finally meets Joog and says all the wrong things. Koro's attempts to reach Zho psychically drive him into a suicidal madness. The Bolerons try again to steal the Tollocite magic, forcing the Tollocites to ally with the Pallerax against their common enemy. Tribes are gathering into alliances, and learned mages see what may be the coming of an ancient prophecy.
#23 - Before the Gloom
The Pallerax work to gather the support of their allies while the Bolerons must deal with their failure to steal the Tollocite's magic. The Tollocites help lead Zho into the heart of the Boleron capitol, and straight to Bool's tormentor. Foln firms up his plans to free the Grull, but a new threat rises from the depths of hell to place everybody's plans in jeopardy.
#24 - The Prophecy
The  clans are gathering for war.  Foln pushes forward his plans to rescue the Grull people from the slavers, but even the best laid plans must have room for change, and when the plans rely on the opposition's behavior, there must be a backup plan. 
#25 - It Begins
The Pallerax march to release the Grull people from their captors. They try to trick the Griftons into marching to the cliffs to fend off an invasion. The Boleron's march to the home of the ancients intent on world domination. The Tollocite and Menocite mages march to the fabled gathering. The Doal are lost mages and march to the gathering to find redemption. 

Blood is spilled and the war begins.  
#26 - The Fall of a Leader
The war that pits the Grundins and Pallerax against the Griftons and Bollerons leaves many dead strewn around, but the necromancer raises them into a great horde army to busy the living while he advances his interests on the afterlife.  
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