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This is an exceptional series, very well written and entertaining.

The Valley of Hope - a serialized saga

This series is a serial with a new chapter released every month.  It is proving very popular with kindle owners who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.
Volume 1 - The Calling of the Grull


Man vs. Nature
The Grull people are forced from their lands by a devastating flood, but the ancient memories tell them of a land of their fathers high in the mountains where they can return.  Returning home faces them with tough challenges and even tougher decisions.
Now available in Paperback, the first 12 chapters of the Valley of Hope saga PLUS a bonus copy of the original short story, The Sacred Soil.
Volume 2 - The Hammer and the Chain


Man vs. Man


Of the twelve original tribes, the Bolerons built their empire on the backs of slaves and along with their allies the Griftons, stole the technologies of the people they conquered, and either sold those people for fortunes or conscripted them into great armies.
The Pallerax are a warrior tribe sworn to uphold honor in all things and oppose both the Bolerons and the Griftons at every opportunity. The Grull are at the mercy of the Griftons and only the Pallerax can save them, but the King and the King's son are both missing, leaving the Pallerax in the hands of the King's brother who is fiercely loyal and will not give up hope for his brother's return.
Volume 3 - The Gathering


Man vs. The Spiritual


The ancient stories predict a time when the tribes would return to the sacred home of the ancestors and reunite.  Prophets still tell the old parables of sons returning to their mother after having ventured out into the world to learn how life really worked.  They call it the gathering.  It is the oldest of the prophecies, and it is the central one that each of the twelve tribes share.  The prophecies also tell of a great danger that will befall the tribes at the time of the gathering.
This is the gathering, but the danger is greater than anyone had anticipated.  A necromancer has risen from the underworld to raise an army of the dead, but his asperations aren't on the world of the living; he wants to conquer the afterlife.  Never before has so much been at stake.  It falls to the heros of the twelve tribes to stop him and save eternity.
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